What Is Gelato?

Gelato is an Italian frozen treat that contains substantially less fat than ice cream. It’s cooled in a way that produces much less air and is served at a slightly higher temperature. Gelato releases much richer, intense flavor tones than ice cream… and it is made fresh on our premises.

Five Reasons to Choose Gelato over Ice-Cream

  1. Less air– Gelato contains about 20% air, whereas ice cream can contain more than 50% air.
  2. Less fat– The fat content of ice cream can be two to four times higher than Gelato.
  3. It’s creamy– Gelato’s texture is much softer and smoother than ice cream.
  4. All natural– Gelato contains no artificial flavors, colors or additives.
  5. Since gelato is served at a much higher temperature it lets the flavor come through more than ice cream, which is frozen at a much lower temperature.